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Readers Respond: The Top Ten Magicians of Our Time

Responses: 65


Who are the top magicians of our time? I attempt to list the ten very best of our era. Did your favorite magician make my list? Share Your Thoughts

famous magicians

I like Harry S. Blackstone Sr. the best! I still haven't figured out how he cut a woman in half.
—Guest Pat Dewart

Top ten magicians in the world

I think you should have a look at Cosentino. He does a variety of tricks from card tricks to dangerous escapes.
—Guest Bobajee

i think piff the magic dragon is #4

i think piff the magic dragon should be #4. He used comedy to reel us in and when he finally was done with his jokes the tricks were amazing!
—Guest ........

Forgot One...

Eugene Burger. You have GOT to include Eugene Burger. The man is simply amazing! ;)
—Guest Vick D'Mental

David Blane

David Blane is the number one magician in the world, he was frozen in a block of ice for 62 hours, he travels the streets with un fixed guest ! He will be at the top of the list one day
—Guest Joe

Three of the best

Ok... I am reading the responses here. My three that ANY list must include, strictly from a skill and performance perspective are: Juan Tamariz, Ricky Jay and Richard Turner. Heck, even Dai Vernon thought Richard Turner was the best card manipulator he had ever seen. That's good enough for me.
—Guest Scott Berliner


I can tell from your list you don't know what you are talking about!!!! Almost ALL of David Blaine's magic is live and it's a shame he's not on the list but on the other hand the list is worthless - they must all be your friends or something.
—Guest Ublewit

Worth a mention at least!

Hans Klok, Paul Daniels, David Nixon, David Berglas, Van Buren, Wayne Dobson, Dani Lari, Harry Blackstone, Lance Burton.
—Guest Jo Palmer

your heading should be these armagicians

There have been a lot of top working close up magicians on the UK over the last 15 years and you don't name one of them so change your title to American magicians
—Guest I like British magicians

criss angel rules

hey criss angel got guiness world record for making 100 people dissapear they were all manicald next thing there gone and he levitated higher than any magician in the world make angel number one
—Guest thomas

criss angel

you are not better than criss angel and if you are then post some videos of your magic and then we will decide....(:
—Guest MrCandle1999

Better than Chris Angel

I'm a magician, i do close up mainly but i've done a few Stage performances. I've been on the street and at parties where people ask me to do a few tricks. And after i do some of the simplest routines for me or any begining magician for that matter, I've gotten people who say that's pretty cool to DUDE'S BETTER THAN CHRIS ANGEL. If i'm getting responses like that from people whose only exposure to magic is chris angel and david blaine that right there tells me those guys aren't worth my time or effort to pay attention to.
—Guest BriarMagic

Magicians Behind the scene....

There should be a list of magicians that have worked behind the scene to make these guys what they are. Examples would be like Banachek and Chris Kenner. Guys like these are the men behind the curtains working as consultants, and fine tuning there performances. These guys get extra credit in my book.
—Guest Cary

you must be kiding me

This is ridiculous how could you not put criss angel on that list I wrote my last comment like 10 months ago since then I have done some criss angel research and just so you know Christopher has made live episodes for people who think he uses camera help if you are not afraid pain then watch "body suspension" on you tube no cameras involved! And almost all of the magicians you do have on your list use camera help criss angel should not only be on that list he should be #2 at least right next to harry houdini criss angel isn't just a magic ian he is the magician. Also watch "mass levitation" and tell me about your experience. Are Y@U ready?
—Guest hopeful

Top ten magicians

Criss Angel is no way the best magician, he uses camera tricks and staged people, the one is Lance Burton or Juan Tamariz, also Rene Lavand is amazing, one of the best close up magician is Jason Randal
—Guest Alvaro

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The Top Ten Magicians of Our Time

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