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Strange Card Trick on iPhone - App

Share Your Story: Tell us about your favorite iPhone Magic Tricks and Apps

By TheiPhoneMagicGuy

Strange Card Trick on iPhone - App

Strange Card Trick on iPhone - Must See!

Name of the Magic App and What it Does

Magic - Card

The audience is asked to randomly pick a card from a deck of playing cards. You whip out your iPhone and ask the audience to rub the selected card on the back of your iPhone. A card then suddenly appears floating face-down on the home screen of the iPhone. You magically remove the card from the screen with a flick of your finger and with the iPhone in the audience's hand, it magically reappears on the screen showing the actual value of the card chosen by the audience! Your audience is now in awe!

The above is just one of the many possible presentations using this trick!

Why I Like It

- Be the star attraction at all the parties you are attending

- Have fun at holiday and birthday parties and on dates

- Use it as an ice breaker game at the bar or gatherings with friends and family

- Use it to entertain your kids

- Amaze and mystify your audience instantly

- Learn this amazing trick in 2 minutes with our video guide

- Any card in the poker deck can be made to appear magically on the screen

- Audience can call out any card, write on a paper or place their hands on the back of your device

- Can be performed multiple times to the same audience

- No forced card

- Customizable to your own style

- Display your personalized message at the end of the trick

- Designed using highly visual and intuitive graphical interface


  • I created this because after searching hard on iTunes App Store, I have yet to find a magic app that is both fun to perform on its own as well as be able to integrate nicely into exisiting card tricks.

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