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Review: Magic of the Pendragons by Charlotte and Jonathan Pendragon

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Review: Magic of the Pendragons by Charlotte and Jonathan Pendragon
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Once in a while, artists with the right talents and skills will advance their chosen art. This is the case with Charlotte and Jonathan Pendragon and magic. With their creativity, artistry, showmanship, athleticism and grace, The Pendragons have taken magic and illusions to new levels and now explain their techniques and approaches in four excellent new DVD titles.

Approaches and Presentations

Regardless of your magic knowledge, you'll find these DVDs involving, informative and entertaining. Rightfully, these DVDs don't teach how to build illusions.

Some discussions talk about props and how they work while others do not and the level of discussion and instruction varies with the effect. As examples, some illusions such as the Hindu Basket (disc 1) and Metamorphosis (all of disc 2) are covered thoroughly as The Pendragons explain the props, techniques, their artistic approach and more.

On the other hand, the segment on levitations (disc 4) discusses presentation; how the Pendragons altered equipment to suit their style and offers suggestions on passing the hoop. However, you do not see the workings of the illusion itself. Others, such as Interlude (disc 4) only offers a performance and discussion on how to make the illusion your own.

Basket Case

Volume 1 is mainly dedicated to the "Hindu Basket" and covers history, swordmanship, the foulard, getting into the basket, placing swords into the basket, use of fire and safety. This disc also includes discussions of "Color of Emotion," a mentalism effect with painting; "The Shadow Box" and "Clearly Impossible," The Pendragons' amazing sawing in half that happens in a clear glass case.

I have little doubt that volume 2, which covers "Metamorphosis," will be the most popular. This is the first disc that I watched and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about what it takes for the Pendragons to perform their stunning, signature effect. You'll learn everything here from the props, costume change, switching, safety and more.

Stand-Out Stand-Up

Volume 3 veers away from large scale illusions and discusses several routines that include: Jonathan Pendragon's "Linking Rings;" "Sands of Egypt;" "Kellar Rope Tie;" "Head Twister" and "World’s Greatest Feet of Magic," an offbeat close-up effect where a selected card is revealed with one’s bare foot.

Volume 4 returns to illusions and covers "Broom Suspension;" "Levitation;" "Impalement;" "The Election," a stunning transposition where Charlotte Pendragon seemingly changes places with Jonathan Pendragon and ends up in the audience; and Interlude (history only).

Philosophy of Magic

I think that anyone who wants to learn how to perform illusions, and any serious magician for that matter, can learn something from this set of DVDs. And even if a specific illusion that you want to learn isn't covered in the detail of the Hindu Basket or Metamorphosis, by studying these DVDs, you'll gain insights into presentation, artistry and showmanship.

The Pendragons have been a dominant force in magic for decades and are now revealing all. When Charlotte and Jonathan talk, you'll want to listen. I know that I'm all ears.

MSRP: $35.00 Each

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