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All About the "Vanishing Bandana"


All About the
It’s something of a rite of passage for almost everyone who aspires to perform stand-up magic. I think that at some point, just about every magician experiments with the “Vanishing Bandana.” Indeed, it’s a great trick for beginners as the routine and comedy is effectively carried by the prerecorded dialogue and the trick itself is easy to learn and perform.

Best of all, due to the built-in wordplay, the routine is hilarious. The latest version of this trick is marketed as the “Amazing Mystical Vanishing Bandana,” which I’ll discuss.

In the routine, you apparently receive your latest mail order magic trick which consists of props and audio instructions that you play for your audience. As you follow the instructions, it’s clear that you have completely misunderstood the trick, which results in a hilarious situation that leaves you in trouble. But at the end, all is well as you perform a bit of magic. I regularly performed a version of this effect early on and can vouch for its effectiveness with an audience.

In the standard version of the “Amazing Mystical Vanishing Bandana,” the recording has been redone to maintain everything that was good about the original recording but also justifies the fact that you have a banana within grasp. It’s a good, professional-sounding recording that is direct and funny.

There’s also a “deluxe” version of this trick that is available that costs twice as much. While I like the “deluxe” version’s enhanced handkerchief that helps to deal with the mess and cleanup of the trick, I don’t care for the recording that was supposed to be enhanced, but resulted in cheesy dialogue.

If you want a hilarious stand-up routine, you can buy one with the “Amazing Mystical Vanishing Bandana.” Just remember that there are lots of magicians and even non-magicians performing this one as well. As an example, magician Paul Rohmany mentioned on his DVD that he stopped performing the routine when he discovered that his cruise director (not a magician) was performing it. It’s that well known.

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