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Tales From the Table - Restaurant Magic


Sometimes, being a magician is the best job on the planet.

The other night, I finished performing at one table at a restaurant and a man at another caught my attention and motioned for me to come over. When I arrived, he asked if I remembered him. I'm afraid that I went into my standard, "thanks for coming back to the restaurant...etc."). However, the man reminded me that I helped him propose to his girlfriend a little over a year ago at the very same restaurant.

The Proposal
I remember the event clearly. I had finished performing for a table with two couples and when I went to the back of the restaurant to reset my tricks, a man from the table followed me, asked me for a special favor and handed me a diamond engagement ring. He wanted me to come back to the table and produce the ring in a magical way for his girlfriend.

The food was almost ready to arrive at the table and I only had minutes to come up with something. During this time, I mentioned to a couple of the servers that a guy was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend. The news quickly spread.

Not Routine
I decided to perform my four-phase ring on string routine (Dan Fleshman's) and walked to the table. As I approached, I realized that the entire restaurant now knew what was going to happen and was watching.

I performed my standard routine and during the final phase with the Clifton move, I switched the borrowed ring that I was using for the engagement ring. When the borrowed ring vanished from one hand, I brought out the other hand where the borrowed ring would normally reside, and displayed the engagement ring on my finger and presented it to the girlfriend to take.

The lady let out a huge shriek, said "yes" and kissed her new fiance. The restaurant erupted in applause. It was a memorable moment that I will always recall.

Here and Now
Back to the present, the man presented his former girlfriend, now his wife - they married last November. To top everything, they told me that she was several months pregnant.

How's that for a bit of magic?

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