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Science Magic Tricks, The Tube


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Science Magic Tricks, The Tube - Introduction
Science Magic Tricks, The Tube

Science Magic Tricks, The Tube - Introduction

Here’s a science magic trick that relies on a visual illusion - an optical illusion of sorts - to create a seemingly ordinary-looking tube, but with gimmicking that hides a secret compartment. Also, this science magic trick is as much a craft project as it is a magic trick. And once it’s made, is a great trick for kids to learn and perform.

You show an apparently empty tube - you can look right through it to the audience - and then magically produce items such as ribbons or handkerchiefs.

Why it Works:
Because of all the stimuli that the mind encounters, it often takes short cuts to process all of the incoming information, something that this science magic trick takes advantage of. Put simply, your mind makes assumptions based on what it knows and has seen before.

When you look through the tube to the audience, this apparently shows that the tube is ordinary and empty. However, the clever gimmicking has actually forced or warped the perspective. The far hole that the audience views is that of a longer tube with an end further away. But this typically flies right by audiences. With casual handling on the part of the magician, the audience never considers the gimmicking.

Two sheets of paper - standard 8.5" by 11" is fine
Small objects to produce such as ribbons
Clear adhesive tape or glue

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