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Science Magic Tricks - The Paper Band


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Science Magic Tricks - Introduction
Science Magic Tricks - The Paper Band

Science Magic Tricks - Introduction

This science magic trick is based on a field known as “topology.” By making loops out of newspaper strips, you are able to cut them and vary the results: 1) two separate rings, 2) one long ring and 3) two interlinked rings.

Technically, one of the paper strips used in this science magic trick has a formal name, “Mobius strip” or “Mobius band.” A Mobius strip has only one side and if f you were to trace along one side of the strip, you would eventually traverse both sides of the strip before returning to your original position.

Mobius bands have applications in belts. The advantage being that the belts will wear longer because both sides are being used. The bands are named after August Ferdinand Möbius, a nineteenth century German mathematician.

These curious bands have been used as magic tricks, traditionally, called the “Afghan Bands.” You can recreate this magic trick with a Mobius band by following the instructions here.

Three strips torn from a newspaper, about an inch wide. Tear the paper the long way
Tape or glue

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