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Wheel Magic Science Trick - Intro
Wheel Magic Science Trick

Wheel Magic Science Trick - Intro

Since science and math are so interlinked, this magic trick, which is actually based on a mathematical principle, becomes a science magic trick.

A spectator freely selects a number and uses it as the basis to move around the science wheel. However, the spectator will always land on the same shape. This science magic trick may be easily adapted to objects such as coins so you may perform it in the real world. The “wheel” is actually a clever force.

Scientific (Mathematical) Principle:
Even though the spectator gets to freely choose a number, having him or her count that number counter-clockwise, and then count that same number clockwise (after the initial “lead-in” shapes have been removed), causes the spectator to land on the same shape, regardless of their number. All numbers lead to the same shape. Try it and you’ll see.

This science magic trick can be adapted to objects. What you’ll need to do is collect 14 objects, preferably different, and arrange them in the pattern in the picture. Coins of different denominations work well for this, but the trick works well with any objects. The advantage of using real objects is that you can remove them and cause the spectator to still land on the chosen object in the force position. When you perform this “real-world” variation of the science magic trick: 1) write out a prediction before hand; 2) ask the spectator to keep the number to himself; and don’t watch as the spectator counts

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