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Review: Seriously Silly Live by David Kaye

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Review: Seriously Silly Live by David Kaye
If you want to perform for young kids, David Kaye's "Seriously Silly Live" is required watching. On this DVD, you get to see a true magic pro in action and learn what makes him so successful. Indeed, Kaye thoroughly understands his youthful audiences.

Just for Kids

This is not a DVD that simply serves six tricks and accompanying explanations, although the tricks are first rate. Kaye also teaches six techniques that he uses when he builds a routine to increase audience interaction, which you can apply to your own routines. These are powerful tools that will improve your kid shows.

After Kaye discusses the techniques, he shows them in action in six delightful performance segments. He also explains each trick in detail. This DVD is a companion to his book of the same name. [For the record, I have not read his book. -WK]

Kid Stuff

On the DVD, Kaye teaches his "Crystal Silk Tube" routine and fantastic "World’s Greatest Coloring Book Routine." Yes, Kaye demonstrates that you can create entertainment out of that well known and much maligned and abused dealer item. The DVD also features Kaye's take on milk pitcher, mis-made flag and more.

I enjoyed the hilarious bonus videos including "Street Magic with Silly Billy" (those of you familiar with the David Blaine specials will howl when you view these satires), and there's also a funny parody of "The Masked Magician Returns."

Master of Kid Shows

David Kaye is a successful and accomplished kids entertainer and it's a pleasure watching him entertain some 300 kids in the performance segments. The audience in these segments is the prime target age for this material, between four and seven years old.

I would be interested in learning his techniques and material for older kids, say eight and up. Perhaps this could be the basis for another DVD. I certainly hope so.

MSRP: (US) $40

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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