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"Sharp Impression" and "Ink"

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Sharp Impression

Two new card revelations, Sharp Impression and Ink, provide some fun ways to reveal the identify of a freely chosen card. One involves a blister on your fingers, and the other, a moving picture that changes right before your spectators. Both are great for close-up situations.

Sharp Impression

In the offbeat genre of “blister effects,” “Sharp Impression” offers a great card revelation for a card trick. Here, the identity of a chosen card appears as a blister on your finger and thumb. In addition, while the blister provides the routine’s considerable kicker, this kit allows for a second revelation with a gimmicked “Sharpie” marker. instead of saying “Sharpie,” the label on the marker suddenly turns into the name of a second chosen card, in the exact font of the “Sharpie” logo. Both are strong revelations that may be used on their own, or together for a powerful double whammy.

After two spectators choose cards, you identify the first card on the Sharpie pen. Later, you bring out a lighter, or you’re free to use the flame of a candle or even burn some paper. You grasp with your fingers towards the flame and then the chosen card is revealed in your “blisters.” Everything for creating the blister is cleverly built into the well made, gimmicked “Sharpie.” By the way, there’s no pain involved in creating the blister and it’s only temporary. While there is no pain, you’re free to milk this one for all it’s worth.

Blistering Effects

There are several “blister” effects on the market. In the past, I have recommended Jason Palter’s Third Degree Burn (you can read my review here) and Tim Trono’s Branded (you can read my review here) which both use a similar method to create the blisters, but build the gimmicking into different props. Of note, Palter’s prop allows for any card in the deck to be named while Trono’s “Branded” allows for four specific and different revelations. “Sharp Impression” allows for only one blister.

Given a choice between Trono’s “Branded” and “Sharp Impression,” I think I’m inclined towards “Branded” because of the multiple revelations, and because the prop allows you to gimmick a disposable lighter, the procedure feels more clean. And by the time you reveal the blisters, the gimmick can be out of the picture. There is a way to clean up “Sharp Impression,” but it does rely on some switching.

You can use the “Sharp Impression” marker as one that you employ in other tricks, however, with the gimmicking in place to perform the blistering effect, the pen will probably dry out. As a result, I think it’s best to employ the “Sharp Impression” marker for its intended card trick. Also, you wouldn’t want the label on the side to wear out.

You can look to “Sharp Impression” for two strong card revelations, including a blister that can play strong. You won’t get burned with this one.

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