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Review of The Stolen Cards by Lennart Green and Luis De Matos

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Review of The Stolen Cards by Lennart Green and Luis De Matos

The Stolen Cards by Lennart Green and Luis De Matos

Murphy's Magic
It’s not often that I watch a demo of a card trick and can immediately setup and perform it, but this is the case with Lennart Green’s “The Stolen Cards.” The card effect is based on a well known principle that is a powerful self-worker. You can quickly master the mechanics of this effect and then concentrate on creating and delivering a great presentation. The intriguing deck that comes with the kit is a conversation starter in itself. And I like the way that the routine features three revelations that build on top of each another.

Unique Deck

The effect lies in a special deck that has 52 different backs that have been taken from 52 different decks. You simply bring out the deck and then show that each card has a different back. In his presentation, Green tells a story of how he stole a single card from different poker games as souvenirs to make the deck.

You take out two of the cards and set them aside face-up on the table. As you deal cards from the special deck, two spectators select two different cards. From here, it’s all revelations. In the first phase, the two cards that spectators have selected match the backs of the cards that you set aside. In the second revelation, the faces of the cards are shown to be the same value. In the final revelation, spectators may suspect that you have an entire deck that matches the recently revealed face values, but to their surprise, the deck is a one-way that consists of a single value, but it’s different from that of the chosen cards.


Green adequately teaches the effect on the accompanying DVD. Since this DVD was produced by Luis De Matos, it features first rate video and sound. The DVD is brief as this is a straight-forward, easy-to-learn, self-working effect.

You’ll need a table to perform the effect since you have to deal cards. angles aren’t an issue and the trick can be quickly reset, right in front of spectators and as you put away the deck. A plus, at the end, you’re completely clean. The deck isn’t gimmickedin any way - all of the cards are real - and spectators are free to examine everything (please read my “post review note” below). For ease of use and power of effect, this one is good. It should prove to be a close-up crowd pleaser.

Additional Thoughts

I brought out this effect this past week at my restaurants and performed it for my regulars. (I often perform a “trick of the week” - either something new or something old and only occasionally performed - for my restaurant regulars who have seen me dozens of times.) ”The Stolen Cards” routine got good reactions. Interestingly, I discovered an aspect that was brought up by one of my more “eagle-eyed” spectators. (I’ll get a bit technical here and talk about the method but I don’t think that I’m really exposing anything to non-magicians.)

The effect is based on Karl Fulve’s “Gemini Twins,” a venerable and reliable self-working method that is a great and easy effect in itself but lends itself to other applications. Normally when employing the “Gemini Twins” method, the backs of the cards are all the same. However, with “The Stolen Cards,” the backs are different. The end result is that to a sharp-eyed spectator, a switch has occurred. In particular, this is noticeable when an easily distinguished card, such as one with a brand name (“Coca Cola” or “Harley Davidson” to identify a couple of backs in the deck) is stopped on. What occurred was that the spectator noticed that the card back that was “selected” was different from the one that was “stopped on.”

This is something that never occurred to me prior to performing the effect. It can be remedied by removing the highly identifiable cards and not using them, or positioning them in a spot in the deck where they would likely be dealt and not stopped on. Another consideration is that regular spectators at my restaurants have become savvy magic watchers. These groups have watched me dozens of times and are getting an education in magic that’s based on their own considerable discussions after I perform an effect. They definitely keep me on my toes. -WK

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