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Review of "Quadrant" by Chris Turchi, Brandon David

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Not an effect in itself but a powerful gimmick, with the Quadrant, you can perform visual illusions with playing card boxes.


The gimmick allows for several transformations: a color changing box; a vanishing card box where the box disappears and you’re left with the deck of cards; and a shrinking box. Most intriguing, you can apparently turn a card box inside out (the box is found to be white on the outside and the printing inside). All of the effects are visual and the gimmick itself takes up almost no space. Once you perform the change, you can take out the cards and go into a card trick. The transformations are fast as are the resulting routines. You pretty much bring out your cards in their box and then the box quickly, almost instantaneously, changes.

The gimmick is a high quality prop. It’s not made from regular playing cards but a plastic material that should be quite durable. The gimmick is available in red and blue versions for red or blue Bicycle card boxes. While the kit comes with the gimmick itself, it also includes materials for altering a playing card that you will need to perform. All you need is a glue stick and a couple of playing cards and the process shouldn’t take more than ten minutes. There’s no cutting or need for any special tools.

The gimmick allows you to perform a nice vanishing box effect. You bring out a box of cards and with a fast motion of your hands - simply moving them up and then down or side to side - the box vanishes and you’re left holding the deck of cards. You can then show your hands empty and then hand the cards to a spectator. You’re not completely clean at this point but you have shown your hands empty.

More Transformations

In another effect: with a wave of your hand the card box can be transformed into a state that is best described as “inside out.” And the inverted box can be immediately handed out for examination. Likewise, in the “shrinking deck,” the card box appears to turn into a miniature deck of cards. During the color change, a red card box turns into a blue one (or vice versa depending on the gimmick that you are working with).

The DVD does a good job of teaching you everything that you need to know including the construction of the gimmick and working with it, and teaches several changes and cleanups and variations. Keep in mind that each transformation requires a minor alteration to the gimmick that is reversible but you won’t be able to use the gimmick for different changes in a single performance. It’s dedicated, for a time, to a single effect. In most cases, you can’t hand out the box immediately but there are various ways to clean up. The moves aren’t difficult to learn and perform but will take practice.

Fast Effect

The handling requires you to generally make a fast motion with your hands to effect the change. My initial reaction is that the motion tells spectators that something, maybe something suspicious, is happening, and yes, there is something occurring - you’re changing the gimmick. On the other hand, after the “move,” the card box has changed. Am I being too critical or concerned? Only you can decide and I encourage you to watch the manufacturer’s video to see if you like the visual changes and determine whether they’ll work for you. Personally, I prefer David Regal’s “Sudden Deck” because the change to the box occurs in phases and there’s a story behind the transformation (click here to read my review).

I think that some visual effects with a card box can dress up just about any card effect. Quadrant may be worth the look.

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