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Review of Spheres by Vernet

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Review of Spheres by Vernet

Review of Spheres by Vernet

Murphy's Magic
Is this an innovative new product that can revolutionize card magic tricks as we know it? The material in “Spheres” does exactly what it’s supposed to do, but other than being harder for spectators to inadvertently detect, I’m not sure that it’s all that much better than the classic, well known method that will cost you nothing. Please allow me to explain.

The Tricks

”Sphere’s” offers a system for secretly marking a chosen card and later detecting and finding it with a sense of touch. The kit comes with a generous bag of the material and a holder that can store a good helping of the material. The holder stores enough material for up to ten times per load which equates to ten performances. The holder (what the manufacturer calls the “gimmick”) is well designed to hold the material so it doesn’t leak out but yet it’s easy to open and access, even if it’s in your pocket. I estimate that the kit comes with enough material for hundreds, if not more, performances.

The accompanying DVD explains six card tricks that you may perform with the system. All are variations on finding a spectator’s freely selected card, many by bumping the deck. Some of the effects rely on themes. For example, “Liar” is a lie detector style effect where two spectators select cards and then, as you deal the cards onto the table, you instruct spectators to tell you that the dealt card is not their selection. When you deal the selected card, you can call the spectator a “liar” and correctly identify it as the chosen card. Apparently, this effect makes you an expert at body language.

The System

The system will allow you find a spectator’s card that is removed and replaced or that he or she cuts to. The system allows you to find a spectator’s selected card by dealing or bumping the deck. The DVD does teach some fun premises where you find the selected card by bumping the deck with a hit golf ball, a yo yo or your foot.

The system allows you to use just about any deck of cards. Based on the descriptions, many of you may have an idea of what the “material” is, or, at least what it has to do. I suspected the method based on the name of the product, “Spheres,” as well as the description of the effects - particularly the identification and reveal of a card by kicking the deck.

Of course, the effect relies on a classic method that relies on a common material found around any house or restaurant. When compared to the classic effect, the material in “Sphere” is finer so its harder for spectators to see and potentially detect. Furthermore, the holder that’s provided in the kit makes the material easier to store and work with. “Spheres” offers a definite improvement over the classic method.

Do the Bump

So does “Spheres” offer a great system for performing baffling card effects? The system does pretty much what it promises but one can perform similar effects with the classic method and not have to purchase anything. But “Spheres” is a definite improvement.

Would I use it? Probably not. I find the tricks to be generally good, but I’m not all that inclined to want to work with unusual materials on my hands when I’m working restaurants or around people with food (there’s no description of what the material is or any specification of its non-toxity). On the plus side, for a formal close up show, “Spheres” does offer a different way to find a spectator’s card.

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