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More iCandy Volume 1 by Lee Smith and Gary Jones

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More iCandy Volume 1 by Lee Smith and Gary Jones

More iCandy Volume 1 by Lee Smith and Gary Jones

Murphy's Magic
The “more” in “More iCandy” lets you know that this title is something of a followup to an earlier title with the same namesake. That said, this sequel features good material by a fantastic line-up of close-up magicians, many of whom I’ve gotten to know and admire through their earlier instructional DVDs. I’m already a fan of Lee Smith (STEP System), James Brown (Professional Opportunist) and Gary Jones.

I have to admit that I nearly overlooked this one and I’m glad I took the time to watch the first rate routines and effects found within. “More iCandy” is a worthwhile title that comes in two volumes that are sold separately.

New Ideas for iPhone and Kornwinder

Arrow is a card trick by Gary Jones that employs an iPhone. The premise is that the magician has a “card-finding app” that will help to locate a spectator’s chosen card from a selection of four that have been removed from the deck and set on the table. The “app” acts as something of a “lie detector.” When the app indicates the correct card, a graphic from the on-screen “app” mysteriously transfers itself to the back of the chosen card. This one is great. The card handling is easy and there’s actually no app. It’s simply a production that you make on your own and that only takes a few minutes. And you can do this effect with just about any smart phone. It’s a brilliant idea.

Mike Stoner’s Rover is something of a Kornwinder style location of a card with an object, in this case, a wind-up toy that moves on its own. You’ll have to purchase the device separately but it’s available off the shelf and is not a dealer item (I searched and easily found them from a well known vendor for under seven dollars - lowest price was just over five dollars). After a card is selected (it’s a free choice) and mixed back into the deck, the cards are spread on the table and the wind-up toy rolls across the cards and separates the spread at the point where a spectator’s card is residing. This one is very good.

Lee Smith’s Predicto Plus offers a card in the pocket with a back that’s different from the deck and whose identity is not shown. A card is selected and signed and after various steps, the different-backed card in the pocket is shown to be the spectators selected and signed card. This is a great effect that is reminiscent of Shaun Mc Cree’s “Dead Letter Card” on his excellent Mix N’ Mingle DVD (click here to read my review). I can attest to the power of this effect as I occasionally perform McCree’s version.

Card Classics

The team teach their versions of classics.

Slick offers James Brown's twist on the “oil and water.” plot. It’s not your ordinary “oil and water” as it’s all done in the hands - no table is necessary. And there’s a killer ending where the red and black cards meld. It’s a clever variation with gaffed cards.

The Biddle Trick is a powerful classic. I think that just about all magicians should learn a version of the Biddle trick and here’s a great place to learn Lee Smith’s version. Another classic that is taught is “Dr. Daley’s Last Trick” - here’s it’s called Dr. Daley's Aces. Gary Jones turns the trick into a two-phased routine. The second phase is a fake out where the magician appears to switch the cards but doesn’t and that results in good humor and interaction.

Kick Right Back Plus starts with a transposition between two red queens and two black queens, and it’s followed by a sequence that is similar to that of “Dr. Daley’s Last Trick” which is followed by a transposition. It’s a strong routine that benefits from combining elements of other effects. It’s a newer and better version of Lee Smith’s “Kick Right Back.”

Instant Sandwich is two-phased sandwichstyle effect. The first phase occurs on the deck and second on the table. The final effect, Gary Jones’ Two card Transpo offers a transposition effect with multiple phases.

The Toolkit

The DVD smartly teaches the necessary sleight of hand in a separate section and offers instructions on the following: double lift, twirl change, Erdnase change, Malini's color change, top change, joe berg palm, one-handed top palm, Hindu force, and pass shift. It’s a useful collection of moves that will be important for anyone who wants to perform card magic. I think that one will still want basic card handling skills before tackling the material on this DVD, but the opportunity to learn the moves here - and they’re the versions that the pros such as Lee, Jones and Brown are using - offers lots of value.

”More iCandy Volume 1" is a great title by a group of accomplished and experienced magicians. Experienced pros will likely already have routines for the classics such as “Dr. Daley” “The Biddle Card Trick,” and a sandwich routine, but there are some good ideas to be found within.

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