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Review: Royal Tonte by Bob Sheets

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Review: Royal Tonte by Bob Sheets
It's a strong, in-the-hands version of three card monte, which is now available in jumbo cards to be performed in stand-up situations. With a concept by Ton Onasaka and a routine by Bob Sheets, you know that this one is good. In "monte" fashion, a spectator is asked to find the different card from a set of mixed cards, but is always wrong. At the end, the cards turn into other cards to form a royal flush.

Find the Court Card

You show three cards: two ten of spades and a court card. After some mixing, you ask the spectator to find the court card but then show that all three of the cards are now ten of spades and the court card is now inside of your pocket.

You bring the court card back into play and now hold four cards. The process is repeated and the spectator again discovers that the court card has turned into another ten. And yes, the court card is now in your pocket. You bring the court card into play to now work with five cards. After some byplay, you show that the cards have changed to form a royal flush.

Standard and Jumbo

This is an excellent monte routine and the ending with the royal flush is a stunner that sets this one apart from many other versions. The cards are gaffed and you’ll have to watch your angles when working with the jumbo cards. But the jumbo cards do allow you to perform this routine under stand-up conditions.

The set comes with two versions: jumbo cards and standard poker sized cards. There are also written instructions for the standard cards and a DVD that stars Bob Sheets that teaches the jumbo routine.

The written instructions as well as the video lesson are first rate. Sheets teaches his jumbo routine with an "over the shoulder" view so you can see the cards from the performer’s perspective.

The sequence for the standard poker and jumbo cards vary a bit. I would prefer that they be the same so I wouldn't have to recall variations when performing either one.

The different moves were born out of necessity of working with the jumbo cards, which are displayed in front of you as opposed to down at waist level as you do with the standard cards.

There's no doubt that Tonte is a great effect. If you've been wanting to add a stand-up "monte" style routine to your act, this is definitely one to consider and learn.

MSRP: (US) $34.95

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