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Review of Perfection by Oz Pearlman

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Review of Perfection by Oz Pearlman
Here's a great close-up effect that echoes Paul Curry's excellent "Out of this World." A spectator selects a bunch of cards from the deck and several audience members shuffle this pack as you shuffle the remaining cards.

Got the Order, Mate

When audience members are done, you invite a single spectator to begin dealing cards face up onto the table as you deal cards. The spectators will be stunned when you each deal the mating cards in the same order, card for card (black three/black three, red five, red five...). This is another winner from Oz Pearlman, but you will need to be comfortable working under some scrutiny in front of audiences.

This effect does not rely on a gaffed deck, although there are slight modifications to a regular deck. I like the way that spectators get to handle and mix the cards, which is disarming and increases the trick's impact. Another difference from "Out of this World" is that audiences realize and see that the cards match as you and a spectator deal them face-up onto the table from your respective decks.

Not for Beginners

The trick resets quickly. To support the effect, Pearlman teaches a useful false shuffle (for the record, it’s the same false shuffle that he teaches in 21st Century Phantom (click here to read my review). Pearlman also teaches a variation of the trick that uses ESP cards, which has lots of potential.

This trick is not for beginners. And even those with experience may feel nervous performing a key move in the effect in front of audiences. For comparison purposes, if you can comfortably perform a relatively bold move such as a standard top change in front of an audience, you should have no problem performing this trick. But if you tremble at the thought of a top change under performing conditions, this trick is probably not for you.

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