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Sucker Peep by Mark Wong and Spectrum by Wayne Dobson


Sucker Peep by Mark Wong and Spectrum by Wayne Dobson

Sucker Peep by Mark Wong

Murphy's Magic
Here’s a card trick that’s definitely different. The main effect is a card box with a hole that heals itself. It’s a well known beginner’s trick that you can read about here. While the method is explained to the audience, at the end, the solution changes. As the title implies, this is a sucker effect with a setup and premise. There is exposure but the technique is one that is probably only rarely used by magicians.

In this card trick you have a playing card selected and lost in the deck. The deck is then replaced into its card box. At this point, you name the spectator’s card. So far, you’ve performed the well known beginner’s trick. At this point, you expose the method. You show that there’s a hole that’s cut out of the card box that allows you to see the selected card. This is the “peep” in the trick’s title.

In the second phase, you repeat the trick and explain as you go along how it works. The card is randomly selected and replaced into the deck and the deck is placed into its card box. You show how the index of the spectator’s card is peeking through the hole in the card box. But at the end, you show that the box has no hole. The box is indeed perfectly normal and may be carefully examined by spectators. It’s ungimmicked in anyway as are the cards. You’re clean at the end.

The effect is not difficult to learn and perform but you will want some fundamental card handling and sleight of hand skills. For the basic sleights, the DVD offers thorough instructions. You’ll also have to make a gimmick from a couple of playing cards and to do this, you’ll need to provide your own scissors and tape. The gimmicking is easy and shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. The ads state “No palming and no complicated techniques,” however, you do have to perform a move that many beginners may be uncomfortable with.

So is this a great trick that promotes involvement by spectators? I think it succeeds as a “sucker trick” and it’s not mean-spirited as many of these effects tend to play. As presented, it’s something of a mystery where the hole in the box disappears and it’s a surprise to spectators. I think that this one could be stronger with a theme of imagining a hole in the box or taking spectators back in time when the box was whole. I think that this effect is adequate, but if you want to perform an effect where a card box changes, I highly recommend Ambideckstrous (please click here to read my review).

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