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Card Artistry by Justin Flom


Card Artistry by Justin Flom

Card Artistry by Justin Flom

Justin Flom's "Card Artistry" offers an unexpected revelation of a selected card in which the deck seems to paint a famous work of art: the Mona Lisa or a brain-scan image. And found within each image is the revelation of a playing card - the very card that was earlier selected (the two versions are sold separately).

The kit comes with gimmicked cards that work with both red or blue Bicycle (poker-size) cards, or any deck that matches the faces of Bicycle cards, which will encompass many decks made by the US Playing Card Company. There’s some setup and you will need a table to perform "Card Artistry." In fact, you’ll need a close-up pad. Because of the need for a table, this effect only works in formal close-up and some walkaround/strolling situations.

The effect is quite stunning. There’s actually two effects. In the first, the cards somehow paint an image, which is quite surprising. And after the painting magically appears, the magician reveals the secretly selected card.

This one is not difficult to learn and perform if you have basic card handling skills. To support the effect, Flom teaches a couple of false shuffles and a force. The accompanying DVD is well done and teaches you everything that you need to know.

I like this one. If you have the performance venue that can support it, I think this is a great effect.

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