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If you're a working pro, you'll find information on business and promotional techniques, as well as topics that compile related information. For example, under "The Rising Card," we offer our reviews of commercial products that allow you perform this effect, as well as DVDs that teach related techniques and some easy methods.
  1. The Business of Magic
  2. Famous Magicians
  3. Improving Your Show

The Business of Magic

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Magic is show business, with the emphasis on "business." To help you run your magic business, we offer resources that discuss basic business topics that relate to magic.

Famous Magicians

Now appearing on television or a theater near you, or in Las Vegas. Here are today's hottest magicians and famous performers from the history of our art.

Improving Your Show

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You've got a great show but can you make it more entertaining? Here are resources that will help you evaluate and improve your show by applying theatrical and other techniques.

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