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Review: Corporate Close Up II Volume 1

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Review: Corporate Close Up II Volume 1
If you want to effectively work a corporate close-up event, here's a DVD that dispenses advice from no less than eight magicians. As these types of DVDs typically go, you'll find some useful information and suggestions to try out, as well as other advice that won't connect as strongly. There are also a few strong opening effects that you can learn from this disc.

Corporate Info

The DVD features advice from Harry Robson, Iain Moran, Shaun McCree and more, with the bulk of the information coming from Robson. The DVD covers topics such as: 1) arriving at an event, 2) what to take, 3) pocket management, 4) approaching tables, 5) dealing with "no" and more. Some segments, such as "survival kit" consist of a short answer, while others, such as "approach" and "Dealing with a NO!" feature input from several magicians.

There's nothing on this DVD that I disagreed with, however, a couple of the suggestions on approaching a table and gaining control were more aggressive than anything I would consider doing at my strolling events.

The Openers

The opening routines that are taught, with one exception, are good ones. Ian Moran offers a strong and fast opener to begin performing for a crowd. A card is freely selected and signed. After being mixed into the deck, it's discovered dangling from your mouth. In the second phase, a spectator holds his card and it changes places with a card you have selected.

I thoroughly like this routine. The only issue I have is with the use of the mouth.

McCree teaches his excellent "Cold Cut Transpo," which is also published on McCree's outstanding "Mix N' Mingle" DVD. A spectator chooses a card. You find and display the wrong card which is placed into the spectator's hands.

Another card is produced and the card in the spectator's hand is now shown to be his selected card. This one requires a specific move that McCree does a better job of teaching on his own DVD.

Four of a Kind

I liked Robison's presentation of "Gang of Four," a Harry Anderson effect. Four different people select four different cards. You bring out a single card and say that you made all four people select the same card, this card, which isn't the case.

In haste, you tear the single card into four pieces. When these pieces are shown, each indicates a portion of each spectator’s selected card.

The offbeat and oddly named "Mr. Dog's Wibbly Wobbly" is a coin transposition that's combined with finding a card. This one requires a glass, which feels out of place for me to carry around at my corporate events. Here a coin vanishes from under a glass and ends up on top of a selected card in a deck.

Working Corporations

Overall, the information on this DVD is good, however, don’t expect any of the suggestions to absolutely bowl you over. They’re all based on common sense and most performers who have done lots of strolling performers will conclude many of the same things. There’s nothing that can replace hard-earned experience.

MSRP: $34.95

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Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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