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Online Magic Tricks & Optical Illusions

Wanna see a trick right now? Here are some online tricks and optical illusions that may amaze you from within your internet browser. And if they don't amaze you, they're still intriguing and fun.

The Love Compatibility Test
Here's a fun "love compatibility test" for any romantic endeavor. Actually, it's rigged. No matter which number your interested party chooses, and it's a free choice, he or she will always end up on the heart, thus, making a "love connection." E-mail the URL to your love interest and tell them to take the love test. If they somehow end up on the...

Review of Lubors Lens
"Lubor Lens" is an effect that takes a visual oddity and creates a magic effect from it. It's based on a visual illusion created by a small, plastic card about the size of a credit card, which is called a "Lubor's Lens."

Online Magic Tricks
Want to see a trick right now? The Magic.about.com site is ready to perform a trick for you.

Online Magic: The Mysterious Shape Trick
Here’s an online magic trick. Even though you’re at home, the Magic.about.com web site is going to track your every move, almost as if by magic.

Interactive Magic: The Math Prediction
Here’s an easy magic trick that we present as both an interactive/online trick and one that you can present to your friends via this website. This one is best if you have a sheet of paper and a pencil and a nearby calculator.

Interactive Web Magic: "The Clock"
Here’s an interactive magic trick that works across the web and you can have fun showing your friends. The secret is based on a simple mathematical principle.

Interactive Web Magic: The Prediction
This is an old classic. The web site somehow reads your mind even if you’ve freely thought of a few things. Just follow along.

Interactive Magic: The Mystery Wheel
Here's a web-based magic trick. Even though you select a random number, we’re going to try and predict where you will end up. Take a magic journey.

Look for your favorite optical illusion. It is bound to be here.

Sandlot Science Optical Illusion Site
A science-oriented optical illusion site.

Michael Bach's Optical Illusion Page
53 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena with explanations. This will keep you busy for awhile.

Online Magic Showroom
A series of web-based tricks.

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