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Indexes: Index-Terity and Thindex


Indexes: Index-Terity and Thindex


I haven’t employed an index in my magic for years. Way back, probably influenced by Corinda and Anneman, I vaguely recall making my own index and using it for some trick, but I truly can’t remember the routine. But my interest in the index has been reinvigorated by “Index-Terity,” an excellent book by George Parker and Lawrence Hass. I also took a look at a different approach to the index with Thindex.

“Index-terity” offers a booklet and a set of materials to make an innovative and intriguing index that may be used to hold billets or folded playing cards. The word “revolutionary” definitely applies in two ways: 1) the manner in which the index is installed and used, which doesn’t require you to reach into a pocket, and 2) it’s fresh and different.

More than a book, “Index-terity” is a kit that includes materials to construct three indexes. All you need to have on hand is adhesive tape and scissors. Expect to spend at least an hour making an index and you’ll want a clear idea of the effect that you wish to perform before beginning construction (you customize the index to the effect).

In use, I found the index straight-forward to use. As with all indexes, you’ll have parameters that are easier to find than others. But with practice, the index is convenient to access and use.

Of course, an index is only useful if you have a great effect. For this, the book teaches five excellent, fully-developed mentalism routines by George Parker. These have been thoroughly road tested by Parker and I find them to be strong. In addition to detailed handling instructions, the book also offers patter and dialogue.

I really like the effect called “Diet Bowling” where a spectator is able to freely name the number of pins knocked down in a single frame and you show that you correctly predicted it. Yes, the secret is an index, but the routine features fantastic staging and props. I also like the routines with the tattoos where spectators name colors and other parameters and a location for a tattoo and you prove that you knew it ahead of time.

It’s rare that a fantastic utility comes with five equally impressive effects. I not only appreciated the five effects taught in the book, this kit has got me thinking of some other effects that I’ve been meaning to work up for awhile. This index may be just the solution that I’ve been looking for.

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