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Review of Shared Dreams by Marcelo Insúa


Review of Shared Dreams by Marcelo Insúa

Shared Dreams by Marcelo Insúa

Two amazing new mentalism effects: Shared Dreams by Marcelo Insúa and Tru Test by Nathan Kranzo respectively allow you to predict some random parameters provided by spectators, and read spectators’ minds in a book test style effect with a page from a news magazine.

Alan Shaxon’s “Confabulation” is a well known and amazing mentalism routine where the magician apparently predicts some freely-named and random parameters provided by audience members. At the end, the parameters are revealed in a prediction note that was apparently written well before the performance. Numerous magicians have offered their take on “Confabulation,” and the latest comes in “Shared Dreams” by Marcelo Insúa.

What sets Insúa’s impressive version apart from others is that the prediction is produced from a sealed envelope that has been sitting in plain view during the entire performance. Indeed, the routine has the potential to play very strong.

The kit comes with gimmicked envelopes and a DVD that teaches the effect. On the DVD, you can watch the entire performance and magicians who are carefully watching will note the magic “moment.” The move itself may cause inexperienced magicians to not want to perform this effect, but the routine provides lots of misdirection and the process, with practice, can be executed quickly and effortlessly. Overall, the routine is not overly difficult to learn and perform. At the end, once you hand the prediction to the spectator to read, the envelope may be examined and you’re effectively clean.

One note, the envelope that produces the prediction note is gathered with two other envelopes so the routine requires you to justify the existence of the other two envelopes. Insúa, in his routine, says that the three envelopes, which are tied together with a ribbon that not only holds them together but prevents the magician from manipulating them, are simply a group of letters to his family.

As the ads state, this one requires no wallets, electronics, pre-show work or strange props or gimmicks. While I have to think about the fact that I have to justify the other envelopes, I like this one. And it’s rejuvenated my interest in the amazing Shaxon effect. I’m inspired to work up a version soon and perform it.

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