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Las Vegas Magic Shows


If Las Vegas is the magic capital of the world, here's where you can read reviews about the hottest shows in town.

1. David Copperfield

What more can I say? David Copperfield's illusion and magic show offers the finest magic experiences performed by the best magician of our era. Don't miss this show when you're in Las Vegas.

2. Penn and Teller

Edgy and entertaining, Penn and Teller offer an excellent show that is baffling and fun. This is another must see show when in Las Vegas.

3. The Mac King Comedy Magic Show

Rather low key for a magic show but immensely entertaining, Mac King takes on the persona of a friendly country bumpkin who can perform some amazing magic. This is a great way to spend an afternoon in Las Vegas.

4. CRISS ANGEL Believe

Can a production from Criss Angel and Cirque du Soleil fall below the sum of their reputations? After seeing the show tonight, I think that "CRISS ANGEL Believe" hardly falls short - the visuals, dancing, sets, music and yes, illusions, are fantastic - it simply misses the mark for reasons that I'll explain here.

5. Nathan Burton Comedy Magic

With some truly twisted takes on big scale illusions, "Nathan Burton Comedy Magic" serves up lots of fun at the Flamingo, Las Vegas. It's a fast-paced, entertaining and funny show with lots of music and dancing.

6. The Mentalist: Gerry McCambridge

Forget what you know about boring billets and dreary predictions. In "The Mentalist," Gerry McCambridge offers a fresh comic approach that is edgy and entertaining. And in McCambridge’s hands, mentalism becomes an excellent addition to the Vegas night scene. This review was written when McCambridge was appearing at Hooter's. He now appears at Planet Hollywood.

7. "Xtreme Magic" Starring Dirk Arthur

There's something about those big cats, the tigers and leopards, which are always intriguing. And with the absence of Rick Thomas and Siegfried & Roy in the Las Vegas line-up, Dirk Arthur's production is now the only show where you can see these dangerous creatures. While Arthur offers an entertaining big illusion style show, it's the exotic cats in his magic mix that sets his show apart. Since this review was published, Arthur's show has been renamed "Wild Magic" and runs at the O'Shea's Showroom.

8. Lance Burton Master Magician

A reliable Las Vegas mainstay, Lance Burton offers one of the finest magic shows on the strip. With his showmanship, fantastic illusions and dazzling technical skills, Burton does it all. The end result is a must-see for magic fans. Since this review was published, Burton's show closed.

9. Steve Wyrick - Real Magic

Steve Wyrick offers magic entertainment that awes with its scale, but still connects on a personal level. His "Real Magic" showcases large scale illusions and Broadway-style sets, and the requisite flashing lights, attractive dancers and techno music. Since this review was published, Wyrick's show has closed.

10. Jeff McBride: Magic At the Edge

When you have the opportunity to see master magician Jeff McBride in action, you'll always want to take it. This is the case with his latest show, "Jeff McBride: Magic At the Edge," which runs at the Palace Station Casino in Las Vegas. No tigers, big boxes or Vegas-style dancers here. Just McBride and his unique brand of entertaining and mystical magic. There is no other show in Vegas, or anywhere else, that is like this one. Since the publication of this review, McBride's show closed at the Palace Station.

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