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Review: Lance Burton Master Magician


Review: Lance Burton Master Magician
Lance Burton's show at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas is now closed.

A reliable Las Vegas mainstay, Lance Burton offers one of the finest magic shows on the strip. With his showmanship, fantastic illusions and dazzling technical skills, Burton does it all. The end result is a must-see for magic fans.

Class Act

The experience begins as you settle-down in Burton's lush theater, a Victorian-style stage and interior that's equipped with red velvet curtains and gold trim that sets the mood. An elaborate production of "Phantom of the Opera" wouldn't seem out of place here. But while Burton's theater offers a throwback to an earlier, classy era, his show is entirely cutting edge.

The show features incredible set pieces. While other illusionists create a scene, mood or theme, Burton presents entire theatrical sets complete with scrims, elaborate sets and props. Only Steve Wyrick’s show approaches this detail.

Big Magic

Burton greatly benefits from having his own theater which has built-in features that other Vegas magicians such as Nathan Burton and Dirk Arthur, can't do. You can't produce and levitate car, or bring out elaborate sets when you're sharing space with other shows.

When Burton is talking to his audience or interacting with on-stage kids, his awe-shucks, gee whiz persona is engaging and affable. On stage, he almost seems like a humble kid displaying all of the cool things he can do. Yet, when he's performing stunning illusions, such as levitating a dancer, he’s dynamic and dramatic. He's the right performer at the right time, to the benefit of his show.

Burton is the only headlining magician who is confident enough to feature another performer, a hilarious juggler named Michael Goudeau. While Burton can easily carry the entire 90 minute show himself, by featuring Goudeau in the middle, the juggler adds hysterical comedy, which adds to the overall fun.

The Magic

Seeing him live, Burton's signature manipulation and sword fight routines are near perfection. It's the timing of Burton's bird productions that should be required study by all, including Criss Angel, who has to practically beg his audiences to applaud when he produces doves in his Believe at the Luxor. And even if you've seen Burton’s sword fight routine on TV, it’s stunning to watch in person.

For a truly magical experience in Las Vegas, you'll find Lance Burton hard to beat. He levitates heads and shoulders above the rest.

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