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Steve Cohen Chamber Magic

Steve Cohen performs "Think a Drink" in a promotional shot.

Steve Cohen
In an era of ever-increasing technological marvels and bigger-is-better televised illusions, can an intimate evening of magic win over modern audiences? Watch Steve Cohen's outstanding "Chamber Magic" and you’ll believe in close-up magic as well. In the show, Cohen recreates the intimacy of 19th century parlor magic.

The setting is an elegant hotel suite (I experienced the show in Los Angeles at the Beverly Wilshire). The props are minimal: playing cards, wine glasses and index cards. What you’ll savor are the talents and charisma of Steve Cohen and his modern take on the art of magic that provides an engaging and memorable experience.

Each show is limited to 50 spectators and chances are, each attendee will provide some input to a routine or play a role. For those who have seen magicians who berate and humiliate audience members, as Cohen states, “it’s not that kind of show.” Once the show begins, you’re immediately placed at ease by Cohen’s charms and everyone gladly volunteers to be part of the magic.

The first third of the show presents miracles of classic magic, including Cohen's signature piece, "Think a Drink." Here, drinks suggested by audience members are poured from a single tea kettle. The remainder of the show consists of mentalism-style effects - mind-reading and such - that allow Cohen to thoroughly interact with his audiences. In the hands of lesser performers, mentalism often falls flat, but Cohen creates an engaging and worthwhile experience.

The closer is a masterpiece of showmanship and audience involvement. Here, the increasing unlikeliness of the proceedings continually ramp up. Audiences chant for more and Cohen willingly and enthusiastically delivers to a stunning apex.

What Steve Cohen has accomplished in "Chamber Magic" is nothing short of a miracle. It's a must see production that demonstrates the heights to which the art of magic can soar. If you're in one of the cities where “Chamber Magic” plays, you won’t want to miss it.

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