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The Mac King Comedy Magic Show


The Mac King Comedy Magic Show
While most Las Vegas illusion and magic shows rely on big scale props, flashy lights, pounding music, and dancers, Mac King’s show is built on a character. He’s a friendly, innocent country bumpkin from Kentucky who is, deceptively, an accomplished and amazing magician. If Mayberry’s Goober or Gomer had expert magic skills, it might look and feel a lot like Mac King’s show. And King is hilarious and entertaining.

After the brief introduction, King runs onto the stage, greets the audience with a “howdy,” and the show is off. King brings up audience members for various bits, and features routines that while based on classics, are all his own with a clever twist. His brilliant “cloak of invisibility” takes a standard card trick and creates a funny routine that plays to everyone in the room.

Throughout, King remains in character with his brilliant and deceptive magic belying the friendly and innocent attitude. King appears at the Harrah’s in his namesake afternoon show that is an excellent value. And if you can snag a coupon from the casino/hotel, you can watch the show for the price of a drink - about ten bucks. When you’re in Las Vegas, this show is well worth seeing.

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