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Three Magic Shows to See in Las Vegas: Copperfield, Mac King, Penn and Teller


Three Magic Shows to See in Las Vegas: Copperfield, Mac King, Penn and Teller
So you’re visiting Las Vegas? Here are three magic shows - the best of the best - that you won’t want to miss: David Copperfield, The Mac King Comedy Magic Show and Penn and Teller.

David Copperfield
A show that is something of a pinnacle for what magic can be, David Copperfield has it all: large-scale illusions, intimate close-up magic captured by cameras and projected for all to see and definite moments. And beyond the illusions, most important, the show is built on the innate charisma of Copperfield himself.

His high standards and hard work result in a live experience that is nearly perfect and he successfully and consistently connects with his audiences. Watch his show and you can immediately see why Copperfield has been so successful. In fact, he’s one of the most successful and wealthiest entertainers on the planet.

These days, Copperfield has moved beyond the romantic storylines: boy meets girl, boy loses girl and so on, which were featured in set pieces during the earlier portion of his career. He makes his entrance via a large illusion that acts as his opener. Each illusion has a setup and a premise. There are running gags and call backs that pay off later. There are hilarious moments of comedy. And even emotional moments where Copperfield tells the story of his grandfather and honors his dream. And even provides a setting of hope during the last century’s darkest hours.

There are illusions of scale with the vanish and production of large objects, penetrations through solid objects and transpositions. There’s mentalism with impossible predictions. The magic will not only leave your head spinning, you’ll find the lighting, music and everything tightly choreographed and perfectly cued.

Longtime Copperfield fans will likely recognize routines from his earlier and plentiful television specials. Some of these have been reworked and others remain much the same as when he originally performed them on television and toured with them in his show. Copperfield has so much great material from his last 30 years to draw from and it’s all mind-boggling good.

If you have a chance to see David Copperfield, I recommend that you do. You’ll not only enjoy the magic, you’ll admire the professionalism, production values, pacing and more. The show is indeed “magic.”

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