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Review: Steve Wyrick - Real Magic


Steve Wyrick's show is now closed.

If bigger were always better, Steve Wyrick would smother the competition. His "Real Magic" showcases large scale illusions and Broadway-style sets, and the requisite flashing lights, attractive dancers and techno music. Overall, his show is more elaborate than that of Nathan Burton or Dirk Arthur.

Huge Scale
Being bigger helps, but Wyrick's ability to connect with a crowd makes him a great entertainer. Planes, helicopters and motorcycles are all part of his enormous illusion mix. And there's a stunning water tank effect that dropped my jaw. And despite the huge illusions and sets, Wyrick doesn’t get lost among the props.

In some segments, Wyrick roams among his audience to, for example, borrow finger rings for various effects. In one "close-up" act, he brings up two spectators and performs "Sam the Bellhop" complete with a huge light-up neon sign and its own set that evokes a poker room.

When Wyrick performs close-up, you watch his mini miracles on video screens. In fact, you pretty much have to because the camera man blocks your view. Wyrick also demonstrates his rapport with youngsters with an enchanting aerial fishing segment that somehow turns into another large scale effect.

Telling a Story
In some ways, Wyrick is reminiscent of vintage David Copperfield back when DC performed story-based vignettes. I have no idea if the story is true, but Wyrick soars with his depiction of himself as a kid dreaming of airplanes.

Wyrick's venue, "The Steve Wyrick Theatre," is the perfect place to showcase his talents and large illusions. As I understand it, it was specifically designed with his show in mind.

I was familiar with Wyrick's television work but it wasn't until I saw him live that I witnessed his charisma and stage presence. The evening I saw Wyrick, he received a partial standing ovation that was deserved.

In all, Wyrick offers magic entertainment that awes with its scale, but still connects on a personal level. It's lots of fun and worth seeing.

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