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Review: "Xtreme Magic" Starring Dirk Arthur


Dirk Arthur
Dirk Arthur's "Xtreme Magic" is currently closed, but his show, now called "Wild Magic," has been resurrected at the O'Shea's Casino.

There's something about those big cats, the tigers and leopards, which are always intriguing. And with the absence of Rick Thomas and Sigfreud & Roy in the Las Vegas line-up, Dirk Arthur's "Xtreme Magic" is now the only show where you can see these dangerous creatures. While Arthur offers an entertaining big illusion style show, it's the exotic cats in his magic mix that sets his show apart.

Big Cats and Illusions
As you would expect, Arthur makes the most of his menagerie with stunning illusions that include: Bengal and white striped tigers, a pure white snow tiger, black African leopards and a liger (combination tiger and lion). With all of the controversies these days regarding show animals, Arthur takes time to talk about his foundation that promotes the responsible care and preservation of these animals.

Arthur doesn't disappoint with his large scale illusions such as the "Drill of Death" and his stunning helicopter production. It's a lively and fast-paced show that's true Vegas with attractive dancers, flashing lights and lots of fog. The Tropicana Showroom, the same room where the hotel's "Folies Bergere" plays, is an excellent large scale setting for Arthur’s show.

From the publicity photos and the show's name, you would probably expect Arthur to be edgy and ultra-cool. However, his stage persona is far more affable and friendly. He comes across as a likeable, mild-mannered guy who has learned to do some ultra cool things.

One other consideration, Arthur's show is the least expensive among those that I visited at under $30 a seat - a relative bargain. Add the opportunity to see magic with big cats, and Dirk Arthur and "Xtreme Magic" definitely deliver.

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