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Review: The Mentalist: Gerry McCambridge


Review: The Mentalist: Gerry McCambridge
Gerry McCambridge
Since this article was written, "The Mentalist" has moved and is now featured at Planet Hollywood.

Can mentalism be entertaining? Forget what you know about boring billets and dreary predictions. In "The Mentalist" at The Hooters Casino, Gerry McCambridge offers a fresh comic approach that is edgy and entertaining. And in McCambridge’s hands, mentalism becomes an excellent addition to the Vegas night scene.

Not Another Vegas Show
No lights, dancers or fog machines here. McCambridge makes a simple promise to "screw with your mind " and successfully does so. And best yet, as he twists reality, you will enjoy the experience.

This is not the subdued McCambridge that we saw on last year's "Phenomenon," which ran on NBC. Throughout, McCambridge displays sharp comic chops that keep his audiences laughing, even as they’re guessing and scratching their heads.

No Down Time
After his introduction, McCambridge immediately takes control and never lets go. He quickly selects spectators for his first effect, a prediction of a number from a large telephone book. He provides a great study in audience management, which is particularly important in his second routine where’s he's blind-folded with duct tape and somehow discerns names and answers questions.

McCambridge's closer, a lottery effect, is a fun, interactive affair with much of the audience standing and participating in the creation of a freely chosen number. And despite all of the variables, McCambridge successfully predicts it.

Is it fun to have McCambridge "screw with your mind?" In this show, McCambridge clearly demonstrates that mentalism, when it's combined with biting comedy, can be a blast as well as a mind blower.

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