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Review: Nathan Burton Comedy Magic


Review: Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Nathan Burton Review: Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Nathan Burton

Editor's Note: Since the publication of this review, Nathan Burton's comedy magic show has moved to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

With some truly twisted takes on big scale illusions, Nathan Burton serves up lots of fun at the Flamingo, Las Vegas. His brand of comedy comes in his warped illusions rather than traditional stand-up in the vein of say Mac King (next door at Harrah's). It's a fast-paced, entertaining and funny show with lots of music and dancing.

Burton's "Microwave of Death" escape transforms into a hilarious gag that is as funny as it is politically incorrect. In another segment, he serves a unique twist on head twister with a second, surprising phase.

A fantastic routine that he performed on television, in his "mystery date/beauty enhancer," Burton calls for a telephone date and then has to rely on his "beauty enhancer" to make things right in his eyes.

In another routine, Burton uses a device that can fling toilet paper into the highest branches of a tree, perfect for TP-ing a house, which somehow ends in a surprising situation involving a security guard and a toilet. I liked Burton’s clever variations and adaptations that include a fresh take on classic "broom suspension."

In between the set pieces, Burton does front-of-the-curtain material that includes predictions, productions, escapes and more. Something I've never seen before, Burton escapes from a clear strait jacket. Overall, however, when compared against his illusions, his stand-up material is far more conventional.

Burton performs in the Flamingo Showroom, the same room where the casino’s other headliners entertain.

I thoroughly enjoyed Nathan Burton's zany magic, a professional and polished show. And the ticket, which starts at $34, is reasonable. I can sum up Nathan Burton’s Comedy Magic in two words: "LOL," and sometimes, even "ROTFL."

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