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Review: Gross Magic Kit

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Review: Gross Magic Kit
Combining two things with lots of kid appeal, especially to boys, the "Gross Magic Kit" brings together magic with repulsive items such as green ooze, creepy insects, garbage and more.

This kit is sold by a variety of companies, but it's the same kit under different names, mostly with the terms "gross" and "magic" in the titles. The kit is priced around $35, which will depend on the branding and company.


The kit promises over 60 "revolting" tricks and there are a generous variety of props. The set is more comprehensive than many others in its price range. Many of the tricks are standard beginner tricks with the "gross" treatment. The props, while made of plastic, look great (the "gross" finish distinguishes the props from other kits) and are of good quality.

A magic tube that's dressed to look like a miniature trash can allows kids to perform several tricks. Kids can show the trash can empty and then produce their choice of trash (not included), an egg (not included), stained toilet paper (the kit explains how to make fake tissue), a rubber cockroach (included) and slime (included, in different colors).

There's a fun trick where water is poured into the garbage can and out comes dirty ice cubes. And unlike the standard ice trick, you can show the container empty at the end. Kids can also change items using the garbage can, for example, one color slime for another.

The Eye Has It

A standard ball and vase has been converted into a similar holder with an eyeball that replaces the ball. The kit comes with fake "snot" that is used in several tricks. Paddles come into play, but with this kit, it’s "snot" and not dots that appear and disappear (the paddle in the "demo" is the kit's snot paddle).

A prop called "The Cockroach Eggs" is a gag that makes spectators think that there are live cockroach eggs that they hear inside of an envelope. There are card tricks that employ "Gross Cards" (included) that deal with smelly skunks, fleas, dirty rats, bad breath and more. The gimmicked cards allow for mind reading, predictions and more with these themes.

A Tidy Bowl

There's a version of "The Color Cube," but the cube features gross images and another "mind reading" style trick that employs a die. Finally, there's a miniature toilet prop that can be shown "clean," but magically turns "dirty" with anything disgusting - rubber roaches, slime, etc... - that the kids desire.

While one version of the kit stated that it was for ages five and up, I recommend that a kid be at least eight before tackling this one. The instructions are clearly written and illustrated and kids need to be solid readers. A DVD would have been nice.

The Disgusting Goods

Overall, this is a fairly good kit with a decent variety of tricks. And most of the tricks employ the kit's props - a rarity for a kids magic set.

As a result, this one is better than average.

This magic kit is available under different brands through limited retail and online outlets.

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