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How To Make Balloon Animals


Want to learn how to make balloon animals? Here's everything that you need to learn to make balloon animals, including: the types of balloons to purchase, how to inflate and work with balloons, lessons on the basic balloon twists and detailed instructions and pictures on how to make a wide variety of balloon animals.
  1. Basics of Balloon Animals
  2. How to Make Balloon Swords
  3. How to Make Balloon Animals

Basics of Balloon Animals

If you're getting started in balloon twisting and making animal balloons, here's information on the type of balloons to use, basic twists that you need to know, tips on working with balloons and more.

How to Make Balloon Swords

Want to learn how to make a balloon sword? Here are a collection of balloon swords that you can make. And we teach all of the techniques that you'll need to know.

How to Make Balloon Animals

From a basic dog to an elephant, moose and more, here you'll learn how to twist a variety of animal balloons.

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