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Trick Review: Daryl’s Ultra-Monte

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Trick Review: Daryl’s Ultra-Monte
If you've always wanted to perform Three-Card Monte but found the sleight-of-hand daunting, Daryl's excellent Ultra-Monte offers a relatively easy, gimmicked-based version. And in addition to being a great trick, Daryl provides excellent instruction with both a DVD and written text.

Three-Card Monte is a street classic. Spectators are shown three cards, in this case, aces: two red and one black. And after a series of moves where the cards are shifted and then placed face down, are asked to find the Ace of Spades. No matter how slowly and fairly the cards are displayed, the Ace of Spades repeatedly vanishes and reappears in unlikely places.

This relatively simple version relies on gimmicked cards that are printed on standard red Bicycle stock. As with the real Monte, the trick is performed on a table. For walk-around purposes, the trick immediately resets (you can put it away and immediately perform it again).

Daryl's instructional system offers the best of both worlds. The DVD provides the performance and Daryl's first rate instruction. And the written instructions offer something to refer to while practicing. As with the other tricks in Daryl's Fooler Doolers series, it's an outstanding system for learning the effect.

There are several gimmicked versions of the Monte on the market, most notably, a popular one by Michael Skinner. If you already own the Skinner version you won't need this one. But if you're looking to learn such a routine, this is a great one to consider. Because there's no sleight of hand, it's a good trick for serious beginners, but will take considerable practice to learn and perform.

Once again, Daryl offers a powerful and entertaining routine that's effectively taught via DVD and written instructions. For a good, no-sleight version of the Monte, you can look to Daryl's Ultra-Monte.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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