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DVD Review: Runaround Sue

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DVD Review: Runaround Sue

Is a DVD with only one routine worth the money? When it's Tim Ellis' "Runaround Sue," his take on the cups & balls, the answer is a resounding "yes." In addition to explaining Ellis' excellent fifties-themed cups & balls, the DVD provides lots of useful information on vanishes, setup and showmanship.

Of course, Tim Ellis is a bright star in magic who brings a fresh approach to his routines. And he's also very commercial. (We recently reviewed his outstanding Ellis in Wonderland , which we gave top ratings.)

Another cups & balls routine you say? Here's what Ellis has accomplished with "Runaround Sue."

He adapted the classic cups & balls to play big on stage, beyond the realm of typical close-up audiences. The balls in Ellis' routine are almost as large as many final loads found in most performers' cups & balls.

-He has created a viable and entertaining theme for performing cups & balls that works with the well known fifties song, "Runaround Sue." Like Ellis' "Card Rap,," the routine is innovative, brilliant and entertaining. Ellis performs his cups & balls dressed in a leather jacket and sunglasses, uses large milkshake cups and showcases a jukebox-all choreographed to the song.

-His final load is different from anything that I've seen in a cups & balls routine. And he burned me twice with his final load. The second time I watched, I was determined to catch him. But I got caught up in the flow of his routine and he burned me again.

I found Ellis' DVD to be quite useful because of his excellent explanations that cover the various vanishes; the setup, which includes the table and servantes and all the nuances and subtleties. This DVD not only shows, step-by-step, how to perform his fantastic routine, it provides an excellent lesson in magic and showmanship that can serve you well in other routines.

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