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Book Review: Ron Bauer’s Gadabout Coins Revisited

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Book Review: Ron Bauer’s Gadabout Coins Revisited

If you want to learn a proven routine, nothing tops a complete, preplanned script that covers technique, presentation, patter and subtleties. And for this, “Ron Bauer’s Gadabout Coins Revisited” provides a detailed, step-by-step lesson on performing a solid, but fairly easy, coin transposition. The routine is good for intermediate and dedicated beginning magicians, and, at ten dollars, the booklet is a bargain.

The premise of the trick lies in showcasing some “lucky” coins that have intriguing properties. In the routine, the magician takes out three coins, puts one in the pocket, which mysteriously rejoins the others in his hands. After repeating this, the magician puts a single coin in the pocket and, in the end, the hand is found to be empty and all three coins in the pocket.

The routine, by careful design, features masterful repetition that leads spectators into a pattern and changes directions so they’re way behind you. At the end, your hands are clean.

Gadabout Coins, which is entirely based on sleight of hand, is not difficult to learn and perform and relies on Milt Kort and Dave Hertzberg’s “In the Well Vanish,” which most should be able to master with some practice. The move is easier to learn than say a standard “classic” palm vanish. As a result, the routine is a good one for beginning and intermediate magicians.

The text is well-written and easy to follow and understand, and Sandra Kort’s illustrations, which depict the action from the performer’s view, are clear and helpful. Bauer explains everything, including the subtleties, nuances and timing.

Of course, there are multitudes of traveling coin effects. But if you’re new to this genre and want to add an entertaining coin effect to your repertoire, don’t pass on “Ron Bauer’s Gadabout Coins Revisited.”

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

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