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DVD Review: Official Poker Card Stunts DVD

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The Official Poker Card Stunts

A follow-up to his “Chip Tricks DVD,” Rich Ferguson’s “The Official Poker Card Stunts DVD” teaches a wide range of card techniques to switch cards, reveal and deal cards in flashy ways, throw cards and execute flourishes. While there are no actual tricks on this DVD, magicians should find many of the moves useful. It’s a first rate DVD that provides excellent instruction.

The DVD provides lots of fancy reveals to display your final two cards-a technique that’s more for poker players than most magicians. Ferguson teaches “Top Turnovers;” a “Why Flip,” where one card is dramatically flipped through the air by the other and turned over and a “Pocket Turn,” where a card is secretly turned over and later revealed. Among the reveals, Ferguson teaches the visual and surprising “Explosion.” And he tips a four-card version that could make for an excellent conclusion to a four-ace routine.

Ferguson teaches a “Snap Change” that is not the technique most magicians would probably think of first, but it’s a variation on the “Shapeshifter” color change. While “Shapeshifter” is one of my favorite color changes, here, Ferguson teaches it using two cards, and not two-cards and a deck, which removes the clean-up. As a result, once the move is performed, spectators will probably figure out how the effect was accomplished.

The DVD features a variety of methods to reveal the top card in the deck (“Spring Set,” “Flippant,” “Buckle,” “Pinch,” “Pinky Deal” and “Pullover”). All of these have definite utility for magicians. You can probably choose to learn a couple and incorporate them into your existing card routines.

There are a variety of methods to throw cards that include “Boomerang” (I’ve seen this technique referred to as “card spinning”), “Oso Toss” and standard card throwing techniques. Again, there are techniques that magicians can use. Ferguson also covers “Whirls”-spinning a single card on the tip of the finger-a move often performed by top card magicians.

The “Endless Shuffle” is a false count using two cards that appears to create an endless count of cards from one hand to the other. There’s a visually impressive two-card shuffle that’s performed on the table and continually exchanges the positions of the cards from top to bottom. Ferguson also teaches color changes with a “Palm Change” and the flashy, on-the-table “Slide Change.”

The “Hype” offers a basic card change where one card is switched for another as they are thrown on the table. Magicians may find this useful, although Ferguson offers the move as a teaser for card players who appear to be revealing their remaining two cards after others have folded, but actually only show one. Throughout, the DVD features excellent production values and Ferguson does a great job of demonstrating and explaining each technique.

On his “Official Poker Card Stunts DVD,” Ferguson has compiled a good collection of flourishes, many of which are useful to magicians. Experienced card workers are bound to know a good portion of these moves already, but beginning and intermediate workers can probably find some useful techniques that will enhance their card routines. A good way to determine if this DVD is right for you is watch the video on Ferguson’s site. But be warned, there are card moves shown in the promotional video that Ferguson doesn’t demonstrate on the DVD.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto


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