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Review of Luke Jermay's Colorblind

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Review of Luke Jermay's Colorblind

Luke Jermay's "Colorblind" allows you to identify colors using "read" using the tips of your fingers.

Theory 11
Here's something different. Touting a skill known as “dermioptic vision,” Luke Jermay’s excellent “Colorblind” offers a kit and several techniques to seemingly allow you to read the color of playing cards faces - black or red - using only the tips of your fingers.
Spectators freely mix cards and as you hold a packet in your hands, you are able to, with a touch of your fingers on the face-down bottom card (you can’t see the back, which negates the use of marked cards), immediately identify it as “red” or “black.” If spectators accuse you of being able to identify cards by touch, you can then perform the phenomena using a second method where you don’t touch the card.

Jermay goes further. What if you’re in a restaurant and someone asks you to perform “red and black” and hands you their deck of cards? For this situation, Jermay offers yet another method that has its own variations that allow you to recreate the phenomena under different conditions. If you like, you can even apply a makeshift blindfold.

The kit includes all of the gimmicks that you’ll need to accomplish the feats. “Colorblind” is an in-depth and insightful treatment of the topic that will have you ready to perform under almost any circumstance. With “Colorblind,” Luke Jermay has created an exceptional system. And performed right, will leave your spectators baffled and perplexed.

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