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Review of Cash Flow

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Review of Cash Flow
"Cash Flow" offers a fast, visual bill transformation. In the main routine, you bring out a folded check and in the blink of an eye, you're holding two dollar bills that you can convincingly display on both sides. The kit also comes with materials to build your own gimmicks to accomplish virtually any transformations that you wish to with paper money.
On the positive side, the "Cash Flow" transformation is visual and convincing and very easy to learn and perform. Anyone can learn to perform the move in five minutes. As a result, this one is great for beginners.

I like the way that the transformation happens as you hold the bills at chest level, and not at waist level as many transformations require. The bills are also self-contained and there’s nothing that needs to be palmed or added or taken away.

Cash Flow is a one-way transformation. You make the change and the effect is over. You can’t’ change the bill back as you can with some other methods, most notably, the well known Patrick Page gimmick. As a result, Cash Flow suffers somewhat from the fact that it only works as a blazingly fast transformation or as part of another routine. Spectators won’t be able to examine the props, however, this is the case with many of the gimmicked bill changes.

The accompanying disc offers good instructions in Spanish and English and adequately teaches you how to make your own gimmicks with the enclosed materials.

I generally like the visual nature of the “Cash Flow” transformation, but prefer effects that allow me to create and present more of a routine. For this reason, I’ll be sticking with my Kozlowski technique and Patrick Page gimmick.

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