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DVD/Trick Review: 3 Fly III

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Daryl's 3 Fly III System
There are numerous coins across effects from the classic “Winged Silver” to others that rely on various sleights and gimmicks. But Chris Kenner’s famous ThreeFly, based on Jonathan Townsend’s “Fingertips Coins Across,” is strikingly different. And if you’ve wanted to learn an excellent version of the ThreeFly, Daryl’s 3 Fly III system is worth a look.

In ThreeFly, the magician causes three coins to mysteriously travel from the fingertips of one hand to the fingertips of the other hand. The silver dollars, which are held in a fan at the tips of the fingers, seemingly fly through the air, invisibly, from hand to hand.

Unlike other versions of coins across, the magic occurs in your fingertips at eye level, not down at your waist or on a table. This results in a coins across effect that may be viewed by more spectators than in other versions. Furthermore, the effect relies on no gimmicks, allows you to perform with sleeves rolled back, ends clean and automatically resets. On the other hand, ThreeFly is more angle sensitive than many other versions of coins across.

3 Fly III comes with a superb DVD that offers a performance by Daryl, as well as his excellent and clear instruction. And there’s a helpful booklet and different-colored poker chips that Daryl uses in the DVD to help you learn the routine.

I found that I relied on all three tools. The DVD provided the impressive performance and first rate instruction with the poker chips. I used the instruction manual when I was practicing and learning the routine to recall and review the order of the moves. Finally, after mastering the moves, I went back to the DVD to learn and apply the finer points and subtleties.

I have performed coins across for years. Early on, I performed a version from David Roth’s “Expert Coin Technique,” and later learned and performed a version that combined routines by Gregory Wilson and Jay Sankey, which relied on a “Tenkai Pinch” and “Pointy Transfer.”

I found 3 Fly III challenging as its changeovers and vanishes are strikingly different from those that I had used in the past. And there’s lots of precise timing where the hands are doing different things at the same time and then have to convincingly bring everything together.

And once you get the moves down, there’s lots of work applying subtleties and fine-tuning to remove the flashes. I’m pleased to say that I feel ready to perform 3 Fly III for audiences and will get the opportunity this weekend at a couple of strolling gigs.

With a DVD, instructional booklet and poker chips, Daryl provides an effective system for learning his excellent version of the ThreeFly. If you’ve always wanted to learn ThreeFly, Daryl, truly the “Magician’s Magician,” will teach you how.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

3 Fly III - $19.95

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