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Trick Review: Autobahn by David Forrest

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Trick Review: Autobahn by David Forrest
Any card at any number. If you could perform real magic you'd allow a spectator to shuffle cards and place them into a case, ask a second spectator to think of and name a playing card and ask another spectator to state a number between one and 52. And when the first spectator counted the shuffled cards to the designated number, the thought-of card would be there. And the spectators would be able to examine everything.

Statistical Test Drive

Given that you would want your odds to be better than 1 in 52, David Forrest offers an intriguing approach for close-up that is convincing and integrates some well thought-through elements. As the ads state, there's no memory work, no math and no sleight of hand and spectators can genuinely name any card and deal the cards face-up to the randomly selected number. The deck is ungimmicked, and the effect resets as you put it away and leaves your business card in spectator's hands.

Forrest has incorporated a well known mentalism technique and provides specialized artwork that makes the magic happens. Without giving anything away, the naming of the card is a completely free choice while the number is influenced. Also, the deck can't be shuffled by spectators in the beginning.

Ready for Close-Up

This one is strong and practical for real-world strolling and close-up. You'll have to dedicate a deck to the effect as well as a pocket, but the end results should be worth it. One thing, there's a step that may be clumsy for spectators in sit-down, restaurant situations. As a result, I think that this one is best suited for cocktail parties and other events where spectators are standing.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $20

Dealers can purchase from Murphy's Magic Supplies, Inc.

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