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Trick Review: Final Fusion by Jay Sankey

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Trick Review: Final Fusion by Jay Sankey
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If you want to reveal a spectator's chosen card in a spectacular manner, how about fusing its image onto a card box? This is what you can do with Jay Sankey's "Final Fusion."

The effect is strong and visual and Sankey offers lots of clever variations that you can learn and perform. My only reservation is that the gimmicked card boxes will quickly wear out with repeated use.

Fusion Magic

In the basic trick a card is selected and in a flash, the card appears to be melded onto the card box. In fact, the card is not just stuck to the box, but is actually printed onto the cardboard. It has fused to the case, which may be completely examined by spectators. You can view the results in the accompanying picture and the trick comes with two printed card boxes: red and blue Bicycle boxes.

On the instructional DVD, Sankey offers excellent and thorough explanations and lots of strong variations. I like the fast visual changes that he has come up with that cleverly adapt standard sleight of hand. A valuable asset for beginners, Sankey also teaches several different forces.

Thinking Out of the Box

The trick is a visual and compelling, however, the gimmicked boxes are card cases that will quickly wear out. In his routines, Sankey often carries the box in his pants pockets. Based on my experience, I know that a card case in my pocket during a strolling gig will be ruined in just a day.

If you can manage to keep the gimmicked card box in pristine shape, you may like this one, particularly if you’re only going to perform it occasionally. I just don’t find this one practical for real world strolling situations.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $30

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