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DVD Review: Water To Beer

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DVD Review: Water To Beer
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Hardly a trick of Biblical proportions, as the title implies, "Water to Beer" lets you take a glass of water and turn the fluid into real beer.

The ads ask, "What would it be like if you could perform real magic?" However, the method and technique hardly look like "real magic," and the resulting beer may or may not taste great (less filling?) or even be all that appropriate for consumption.

Shake Shake Shake

You can borrow a spectator's glass of water and by either placing your hand over the glass, or placing a nearby coaster over the glass and shaking the glass, cause the water to change into beer. Spectators can taste the beverage and verify that it is real beer.

If you could perform real magic, would you really need to place your hand or a coaster over the glass and shake the glass to turn the fluid into beer? And in order to create a fizzy beer, you won’t be able to simply borrow a glass of water from a spectator as the ads imply, but have to fill the glass with a special, but commonly found drink.

Pounding Down a Cold One?

And once you’ve created said beer, there’s the issue of whether it’s actually fit for consumption or even worth drinking. You’ve just placed your hand or a coaster over the glass and touched the fluid, which raises hygiene issues. Would a spectator really want to drink the fluid?

There’s no discussion on the DVD as to whether the beer would taste reasonably good. Finally, there’s the fact that beyond the touching there are other elements that get introduced into the beer itself.

The DVD offers adequate instructions on making gimmicks and handling the props. I just found the whole concept flawed and not very practical. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $29.99

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