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Trick Review: Ghost Vision-Andrew Mayne

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Trick Review: Ghost Vision-Andrew Mayne
Andrew Mayne brings paranormal phenomena, and more specifically, spiritual photography, to the modern day. By simply borrowing a camera cell phone, the magician can take pictures that reveal strange ghostly images and premonitions that seemingly come from beyond. This is really cool.

Spooky Images on a Cell Phone

The effect works much as it's described in the ads. The magician borrows a cell phone with a camera from a spectator. By pointing the camera away from his audience, the magician can take a picture that contains a ghostly image-a face or figure; a word, image or playing card; or cause a dark silhouette to flash across the screen in real-time or in a video.

Photos can also be taken of a spectator's hand. In the final picture, the chosen image will appear on his hand. Keep in mind, however, that because of the way the gimmick works, you won't be able to point the camera directly at the spectator without exposing the secret.

Easy to Perform

The effect is easy to perform and works with most camera phones. The effect comes with a half-hour DVD that explains the effect in detail. Here, Mayne does a great job of telling you everything that you need to perform the trick and shows the gimmick in action.

There's some basic construction involved to create the gimmick that requires the use of scissors and tape. The images that you can induce into photos include: a skull, human silhouette, seven of clubs, the word "star" and a ghostly screaming face.

More Haunting

The DVD also explains a bonus effect, "The Haunted Keys," where a magician can borrow a ring of keys and cause one key to strangely move on its own. This one is good, however, it only works with certain sets of borrowed keys.

At only $14.95, Andrew Mayne has created a spooky effect that can induce chills in spectators. If you like this sort of thing, you can have lots of fun with this one.

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