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Review: Kidding Around by Chris Capehart

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Review: Kidding Around by Chris Capehart
Among all of the branches of magic, kids magic is most often butchered by arrogant hacks and incompetent performers. This is why it’s so refreshing to view a positive and entertaining approach to kids magic from Chris Capehart.

Good Kids' Magic

On this DVD, Capehart shows how to present compelling magic for kids that doesn’t insult the intelligence of anyone over six years old, the way that many kids performers do. Capehart is not only an excellent performer, he combines lots of skills, which also involves and entertains the parents who are watching with their kids.

You get to watch Capehart perform an entire kids show. Some of strengths in his show is that he establishes a means for kids to “win,” which becomes a running theme that encourages kids to watch closely and participate, and assists with crowd control. He has a somewhat aggressive style that confronts kids and keeps them involved, and it thoroughly works with his stage persona.

The Capehart Touch

Many of the tricks are standards with a Capehart touch. His intent is to show how to effectively create routines from standard tricks and apply running gags that maintain the interest of audiences. In “Cards for Kids,” Capehart offers a kid trick with playing cards. Kids are initially told the card that they will pick, which is written down. When the wrong card is selected, it’s shown that it’s the card that is written down. This is a strong trick that also works well on grown up crowds.

“Matilda and the Lota Bowl” is a hilarious running gag that Capehart returns to again and again during his show and bridges together with another routine. Since Capehart offers routines on magic standards, there are commercial props involved with his entertaining takes on “Coloring Book,” “Sponge Balls,” “Hoppin Spots (What’s Next),” “Botanica,” “Change Bag” and “Fraidy Cat Rabbit.”

A Dream

He performs his excellent “Misers Dream” on this DVD, but the explanation is given on a separate DVD (click here to read our review). Capehart also performs his astounding linking rings routine (no explanation).

The second DVD offers an interview where Capehart explains his approach to performing for kids. It’s an insightful discussion. On this disc, there are two more tricks: “The Silk Vanish,.” Capehart’s vanish and reproduction of a silk handkerchief and “The Incredible Shrinking Head,” an interactive optical illusion that Capehart uses to powerful effect that requires “the shrinking head” prop.

Must View

If you're serious about kids magic, check out Capehart's DVD. It’s the strongest published approach that I’ve seen and leagues above the corny magic schlock that’s been taught by other performers in books and video.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $50

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