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DVD Review: Fabulous Three Ball Trick (World's Greatest Magic)

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DVD Review: Fabulous Three Ball Trick (World's Greatest Magic)
Another in L&L's series of "World’s Greatest Magic" DVDs that compile lessons from noted magicians and their earlier videos, "Fabulous Three Ball Trick" presents various three ball routines. The moves and routines are similar, but it's helpful to compare routines from the likes of Johnny Thompson, Flip, David Roth and more and glean the techniques that you want to learn and apply.

One in Hand is Worth Two in Pocket

In the classic three ball plot, three small balls travel from one hand to the other and there are variations where a ball is placed into the pocket and it mysteriously joins the others. At the end, the three balls mysteriously vanish or, in their place, there’s a single, large ball.

The routines are somewhat alike and mostly rely on the same moves, but there are variations. Johnny Thompson teaches two different routines. His explanation of the Silent Mora routine is an excellent one because it uses a scarf that’s held by spectators and acts as a net so the balls don’t tend to roll around.

More Balls

Fernando Keops offers a version where the balls are initially presented in a wine glass, and Flip’s offbeat stand-up routine involves foil balls that change in size. The remaining first rate sequences feature Gary Ouellet (who adds a “balls through table” sequence) and David Roth, and a discussion and demonstration by none other than Dai Vernon.

Personally, I’ve never been all that interested in the three ball plot. In my restaurants, I can just see the balls rolling off of tables, and I already perform several transposition effects with other objects. But after watching this DVD, I’m definitely intrigued with the moves and routines.

If you’ve always wanted to perform this trick, this DVD offers a powerful reference.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $19.95

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