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DVD Review: "Stack Attack" - Lew Brooks

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DVD Review:
As the name implies, “Stack Attack” offers a collection of impressive card tricks that are based on stacking the deck--putting the cards into a specific, prearranged order.

All of the tricks, which end with the magician dealing a winning hand, require no complicated sleight of hand. As a result, the easy tricks on this DVD are perfect for beginners.

"False, False Shuffle"

To enhance the tricks, Brooks teaches a clever false shuffle, a variation on the overhand shuffle that is easy to learn and perform. Instead of teaching a difficult shuffle that maintains the order of the entire deck, like those taught on Jeff Wessmiller Weapons of the Card Shark” (click here to read our review), Brooks teaches a shuffle that is simple and compliments the order of the cards.

Brooks uses the brilliant and deceptive shuffle to good effect. He also teaches a convincing false, two-part cut that is equally misleading.

Gambling on a Theme

The DVD offers eight card routines, most of which are based on gambling themes-dealing hands of winning royal flushes and black jacks and making order out of seeming chaos. All of the effects involve dealing cards on the table and require you to setup the deck ahead of time. In most cases, you can use the deck as a regular one after you’ve performed the trick.

This DVD is an excellent one for beginners who want to learn a few tricks that they can perform right away. And with poker being so popular, the effects are great for those who want to learn a simple trick to perform for their friends at a card table.

Good Explanations

Brooks offers excellent, entertaining patter with his routines, and first rate explanations. There will be no questions in your mind after Brooks provides his explanation.

Personally, I’ve always preferred sleight-of-hand over prearranged cards, but I learned some intriguing concepts from this DVD. If you want to learn some easy gambling-themed tricks, “Stack Attack” is worth a look. And even if you’re an experienced card magician, you may find some ideas that will inspire a gambling routine.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP (US): $34.95

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