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DVD Review: Accidental Discovery by Tank

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DVD Review: Accidental Discovery by Tank
Taking the "card to impossible location" effect to a new level, a chosen card can now be produced from any place that a spectator wishes. While none other than Kenton Knepper and Tank say that this is one of their favorite effects, I have mixed feelings about this one.

Card and Place

In “Accidental Discovery,” a card is freely selected and shuffled into a deck. A spectator has to only think of a place where he wants his card to appear. Without the spectator saying a word, you reach into a location, for example, inside a lamp or behind a display, and produce the card. One spectator’s card can even end up in one place a second spectator thinks about.

The routine benefits from an intriguing double-meaning that has to do with either producing the correct card or finding the card at the correct location. And even if you don’t get the location right the first time, there’s a powerful second phase that involves a strong transposition. And Knepper’s additions to this are great.

Fundamental Moves

Experienced card handlers will immediately understand what is going on and be able to recreate the effect without the explanation-the routine relies on fundamental card sleights. Beginners won’t have any problems understanding the concepts, but the required move is one that often scares novices. Tank explains some of the basic moves that he uses.

This routine is probably best done in a home where there are a variety of objects. It’s not all that practical for a restaurant or in most strolling situations where there aren’t lots of places to potentially find a card. This one may sound intriguing, but for my strolling situations, I’d rather find the card from my pocket.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: (US) $25

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