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Review: Bicycle Red Gaff Deck

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If you want to dress-up your card effects, Ellusionist.com's Bicycle Red Gaff Deck offers an intriguing and comprehensive collection of gaffed playing cards that you can use with a normal red Bicycle deck. While the deck contains some well known standards, there are amazing, visual variations that can form the basis of some amazing effects.

A Wide Variety

Some of the many variations include red-backed bicycle cards that are: shot, aged, inverted, torn, mis-made, blurred and more. There are cards that offer predictions. In the case of the "zippered" card, for example, a playing card with a zipper can be "unzipped" through the magic of a color change (see Shapeshifter) to reveal the prediction card.

Some of the creatures depicted on cards are downright creepy and lend an air of mystery. There are also mis-printed cards where the pips are gathered in odd ways-perfect for printing and wild card effects.

The gaffed cards are high-quality, Bicycle cards that fit right into a regulation deck. Ellusionist.com sells a companion DVD, Army of 52 Gaff Training DVD, which explains how to use the gaffs. Ellusionist.com also sells gaff decks for its Black Tiger Deck, as well as for its Ghost Deck.

Buy this deck, hone your favorite card and color changes, fire-up your creativity and get ready to blow spectators away.

-Wayne N. Kawamoto

MSRP: $29.95

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